On an offshore fishing charter, you can expect to begin fishing around the 8- 10 mile area, barely in sight of land. We will usually troll out and fish different areas from 10 – 30 miles offshore, weather permitting. The primary method of catching fish is the troll method, but in this area we also similar bottom fishing techniques like we do in the nearshore area. Being that there are plenty of artificial reefs and wrecks around, the bottom structure offers a lot of cooler-filling potential. Targeted species on the troll are primarily King Mackerel. Once waters warm up, we also troll for Mahi-Mahi, Sailfish, and occasionally some other blue-water pelagic predators that may venture closer inshore when conditions are right.

Offshore Fishing Packages Offered

¾ Day: (1 – 4 Anglers) – Call for Pricing

An 8 hour total trip on the water with flexible hours depending on when you would like to leave.

Full Day: (1 – 4 Anglers) – Call for Pricing

A 12 hour trip that will depart between 5 and 7AM.